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How to whiten your face at home

PeelingIf you’ve received tan much darker than you wanted, and especially accompanied by redness, abundant freckles and pigmentation spots have already tortured you, this article will come in handy for you. Increasingly on the stage podiums, we see models with shining porcelain skin. White hands, pale feet and face with a touch of aristocracy – this is a true sign of blue blood, which is trendy again. Precious cosmetics and professional treatments in beauty salons – very convenient option, but it is not suitable for everyone. So, I offer you a few steps to get the snow-white skin.

  1. Peeling

Gentle peeling helps to eliminate old, dead cells. This is the basis of the whole procedure. It is not necessary to remind that while you exfoliate your skin, you give way to the young, fresh layer. In addition, you are removing excess melanin from the surface, which by the way is responsible for pigmentation.

  1. Whitening mask

There are several recipes.

1) To prepare the first variant of the mask, you will need milk and oatmeal. Incidentally, this is the most simple and incredibly popular mask. Crush cereal in the milk, let this mass slightly to be swollen and spread it over the face.

2) The second option also bears the title of a potent mask. Its basis is an ordinary cottage cheese. Grind it with egg yolk, then add half a teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide. Apply to the cleansed skin for fifteen minutes, then rinse with warm water.

You can add a spoonful of honey or a handful of blue clay (cosmetics clay is sold in pharmacies in portioned packages) into both of these masks. This will help to secure the better effect, and to provide additional skin nutrition.

3) Another method – parsley. This is the most useful herb for whitening. Crush it with a knife to obtain the juice, then mix with sour cream or cottage cheese. And then act according to the system. An additional advantage of this mask is that it will relieve you from the under-eye circles.

If you add grated fresh cucumber and sprinkle everything with lemon juice, the effect will be doubled.

  1. Lemons

If you do not like cottage cheese, dairy products and all the procedures connected to these foods, you get the chance to turn to ancient traditions and lemon juice! There is a wonderful recipe. For this purpose, you need to mix lemon juice with honey and flour (it gives viscosity to the mass; you are free not to add it). It is recommended to apply this mask both in the morning and in the evening before bedtime.

In addition, lemon also fits well with the egg white. Mix the two types of juice with sugar and a little water, and apply on the skin. An important caveat: if you have dry or very dry skin, add a little cream or sour cream into the mask. Otherwise you risk getting in trouble by using such radical ways of whitening face.

  1. Emergency measures after sunburn

If you didn’t even plan to sunbathe, and accidentally have overheated, with all its consequences, here are a couple of tips to get rid of pigmentation quickly. Curdled milk or lemon water (a few slices of lemon and carafe of water) will save you. If you use these agents on a daily basis when washing your face in the morning or in the evening, they will perfectly save you from unnecessary redness.

It is always easier to deal with such procedures at home. You save money and keep the situation under control – do not depend on the schedules of cosmetologists. Good luck!

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