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How to cope with kids. Life hacks for parents

Life of young parents is full of hardships and anxieties. The lack of sleep and time in general makes us nervous, unfocused and sometimes even evil. How to cope with this condition? Here are some tips on how to find time for yourself, or more precisely, how to calm the child down, to soothe, to distract and to avoid hysterics. These tricks will come in handy anyway, because children are an inevitable thing.

Automobile partitions

Automobile partitionsExperienced parents know that children can create a complete chaos in the back seat. In order to avoid this, put simple partitions of cardboard between the children’s seats. This trick will make family trips much calmer and safer avoiding children’s squabbles and struggles for sharing of toys.

“I will paint by myself”

Life hacks for parents

If you started repairs in the country house, and the child is offended that you do not allow him to help – there is a solution! Suggest him to paint a wooden fence or any other structure, but instead of paint give a bucket of water.

Peaceful sleep

Life hacks for parents

If your child wakes up, as soon as you take your hands off, or release from your arms, the following advice will come in handy. Put a glove filled with beans or rice on the back of a sleeping child so that the baby feels protected.

Box for creativity

Life hacks for parents

Put the child in a large box from the TV, air conditioning or a usual cardboard box and invite the kid to paint his walls. This trick will protect the walls and furniture from the results of children’s creativity. And this is a few more minutes of silence!

Weapon against monsters

Life hacks for parents

Many children at a certain age begin to fear monsters, supposedly living under their bed or in the closet. Because of this, babies often refuse to sleep in their beds or rooms. Help your child to conquer his fears, and also avoid the possible discomfort associated with them, with the help of a universal weapon from monsters! You can easily make it from a spray gun and funny stickers with images of bright monsters. Explain to your child that the device you made will help to defeat any nightmares.

Trick for photography

Life hacks for parents

We all love to take photos, and with the appearance of the baby, we try to capture every moment of his life. But the frequent problem is that he does not pay attention to the camera and does not look into the lens! Take the usual hair scrunchy and a few scraps of felt, paper or cardboard and make an amusing nozzle for the lens, which will surely make the baby look at the camera.

How to take medicine without screaming

Life hacks for parents

When a child sees an unusual, even suspicious, and therefore terrible, vessel, a tiny glass but with strange contents, he refuses to drink it. And any persuasion, that it is tasty and sweet and useful, will not help! To outwit the child and quickly give him medicine, take an opaque bottle with a container under the lid with the right drug.

Learning to put on shoes

Life hacks for parents

When your child is already learning to put on shoes by himself, but confuses the right and left ones, help him with a little clue. Cut a small photo of his favorite character or any animal he likes, cut it into two equal parts, and glue them on the inside of the shoes so that by placing the shoes together the pattern becomes whole.

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